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Health & Safety & Recruitment

The Health and Safety at Work act imposes statutory duties on employers to ensure that, as far as reasonably practicable, steps are taken to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of all employees.

To enable the optimum standards are met, for this dangerous working environment the company's policy follows the principal of selective assessment and recruitment.

All employees are assessed to ensure that, health personality, temperament and practicable ability and skills are compatible to the demands and risks in hand. Working in locations where there are often aggressive, climatic and polluted atmospheres, leaves no room for the aforementioned.

Teamwork and ongoing training is essential for the safety and welfare of all concerned both staff and clients.

Training is carried out by the Steeplejack Industry Training Group Association and is run in conjunction with the C.I.T.B
Modern technological developments have outstripped the traditional methods of work, yet traditional repair methods and practices lend themselves to modern repair systems.

"Tradition is the backbone of the industry,
change is the future".

That is why we at H&A Height Services no longer regard the use of simple tooling and minimal equipment sufficient to provide an adequate service. We have invested heavily in tools and modern safety equipment and repair methods. Our Quality Assurance system procedures detail that each task must be performed to an industry acceptable safety and work standard. Total quality of work and safety are our watchwords, in today's competitive market place. Our continual training and assessment ensure that our steeplejacks and management are fully competent with regard to Health and Safety and combined with our quality approach to the working environment.

retensioning guide ropes on radio mast

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