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lightning conductor

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lightning conductor

Lightning Conductor Systems

Lightning Protection Systems

The design of Lightning Protection Systems is governed by BS 6651:1999 the British Standards Institutes Code of Practice for "The Protection of Structures against Lightning"

The first stage in minimising the danger from lightning is to learn and understand its nature.  The lightning stroke starts with a leader stroke descending from the cloud step by step in tens of metres each time. When the last step brings the tip of the leader stroke sufficiently close to the earth, a upward streamer leaves the earth at the closest point of contact with the tip of the leader stroke. The length of the upward stroke will be greater for higher charges, therefore, high current flashes will start from tall structures. However, lightning strikes below the highest point are well documented, therefore designs must take this into account.

H&A Height Services Ltd abide by all the current recommendations as made by BS 6651 and CP 1013, especially with regard to the inspection and test procedures. Each inspection and test is recorded and issued with a Certificate of Compliance. Within the Certificate is recorded the readings taken for earth resistance and continuity of the complete system.

It is recommended that each lightning conductor is inspected at periods less than 12 months so that earth potential readings to take into account of differing weather condition.


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