chimney prepared for painting

chimney prepared for painting

to prepare for painting

to prepare for painting


Preparation & Painting

Surface Preparation and Protective Coating for Tall inaccessible Structures

Painting of structures not only enhances the appearance of structures, but also provides protection from corrosion and adverse weather conditions.
We provide a complete service for Industrial Grit - Bead Blasting and Industrial Painting, in areas not found within the scope of traditional painting contractors.

Recommendations as to surface preparation and subsequent protective coating will be given within our reports generated from our inspection and detailed for the Engineers responsible for tall and inaccessible structures, for their evaluation.

All work is carried out to the relevant British Standards:

BS 4232  1967 Partially superseded by BS 7079 1989  which details the preparation of the surface prior to painting.

BS 5493 1977 Which details the code of practice for coating steel and iron structures.

BS 6151 1982 The code of practice for painting buildings and other structures.



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