hazard warning light

hazard warning light

hazard warning lights

hazard lights

Hazard warning lights


Specialist Fixtures

Aircraft Navigation & Hazard Warning lights and Ancillary Fixtures and Fittings

All inspection and maintenance programmes should provide for inspection and testing of access fittings, Aircraft Warning and Navigation lights if fitted.

The specification and metallurgical standards for access fittings is governed by BS 3572 1986.

The design and installation of Aircraft Warning and Navigational Lights is governed by the Civil Aviation Authority under Document CAP 6371997

Technical note:

One recent addition to the regulations governing Aircraft Warning Lights as issued by the Civil Aviation Authority under CAP 637 1997, requires the changing of the top set of warning lights to a stroboscopic type with a high intensity beam. All other units need not be replaced if they are in good repair and conform to CAP 6371997.

We can advise on product suitability and selection for all applications and fitting of Stroboscopic lights to all types of structures and buildings.

Advice is available on all the supply and fixing of other attachments and fixtures such as access irons, segmental caps, banding hoops, etc.


hazard warning light

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