inspection of blocking in poor condition

inspection of cooling tower

inspection of cooling tower


Inspection Surveys


Procedures for Inspection and Testing Surveys
Periodic Planned Inspections of Tall structures such as Chimneys, Cooling Towers,  Flare stacks, TV and  Radio masts are vital for annual budgeting costs and safety implications. Failure due to weather - erosion and mechanical defects may require extensive and costly reconstruction work resulting in loss of efficiency and expensive downtime. H&A offer a range of inspection and testing services. These inspections which are in accordance with ISO 9001-2000, can be planned to minimise costly downtime.

Structural inspection services combine visual and impact testing with digital video recording, digital photography and closed circuit TV.

Other specialist inspection services include destructive and non-constructive methods.

Non-destructive testing of steel structures include Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetration and Ultrasonic testing of material and welding. Thermography to determine lining and insulation efficiency and Paint thickness gauging.

Concrete structures undergo Ultrasonic pulse testing for concrete uniformity, depth of cover to reinforcement and measurements to determine Electrolytic corrosion of the reinforcement. Destructive testing,  may require the drilling of structures to provide core samples where tests such as Depth of Carbonation , Water Ingress, Salt Ingress and Alkali Silica reaction can be analysed. Cores will be sent to analytical Laboratories for ingress, establishing cement content and cement/water ratio's. 


cooling tower inspection

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