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Maintenance & Repair

Concrete, Steel, Brick Structural Repair and Maintenance:

Despite advances in material technology and knowledge, frequent repairs are still necessary to chimney structures to effectively disperse emissions into the atmosphere. The heights at which these structures are having to be constructed, have taken engineering standards and designs to the extremes of engineering knowledge. Materials have had to keep pace with legislation and design advances increased operating temperatures and increased life expectancies.

The reasons for material failure vary considerably, from condensation of the acid constituents of the flue gases to thermal stresses induced by fluctuations in operating conditions; wind and weather erosion has found to be more extreme at these elevated heights and increased the incidents of chemical attack within the components of the materials of the construction.

H&A Height Services Ltd have the experience, staff and expertise to complete structural repairs to all forms of structures manufactured from these many and varied types of material.

Brick structures require repointing and crack repairs, extreme cases may require rebuilding.

Concrete structures
develop areas of spalling, internal reinforcement cracking and corrosion. We can repair spalled areas with the injection of epoxy resins and in extreme cases, a full re-skinning of the structure may be required.

Steel structures occasionally require welding and patch repairs, extreme cases will require replacing whole sections. Specialist Guy wire services include testing corrosion inspection and greasing.


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