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Concrete & Stone Repairs


Reinforced concrete structures such as cooling towers, chimneys etc. are generally built in situ using timber or steel shutters, using various shutter systems over the years since the mid 1920’s. All or most of these industrial structures are exposed to the environment, weather, wind, rain, sun, frost, snow and have to withstand the extremes of the elements.
Some structures suffer from movement, age, deterioration, which cause cracking of the concrete to various degrees. In some cases the chemical attack to the top of industrial chimneys such as power stations, result in a total dismantle of the attacked area and a rebuild of this area to its’ original height and profile.
Here at H&A prior to carrying out any repairs we believe it essential to establish the cause of the damage. This may require the service of a diagnostic expert and laboratory analysis. No repair will proceed until the cause has been established
Different products have different means of quality control and assurance. Only those products conforming to BS.5750 will be used by H&A and these products will require no mixing of other materials other than water or epoxy bases, in recommended quantities




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